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Today I finished the #30daysofcode challenge from This is a site focused on competitive programming.

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The challenge was not difficult, and it’s tailored for a beginner programmer. Nonetheless, I had such a great time and challenge, recapping some basic concepts, like Data Structures, Generics, and Templates. On top of that, I remove some rust from my C++ abilities, (which now I am diving much deeper - since this is THE most used language in the gaming industry, among other important things).

Another great thing that comes out of this experience was the creation of this new habit of coding problems regularly. Taking a few minutes every day to make you better at something just requires discipline and persistence. Just like some of my previous experiences learning French at Duolingo.

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Along with this challenge, I started some other “tracks” inside HackerRank. There are several others awesome topics in there to focus on particular key areas or languages, like Python, AI, SQL, Algorithms, and so on. This could be a good way to help you keep on track and motivated when learning something new.

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Last, but not less important (and fun) are the contests itself, where you solve problems and compete against others (in fact is against yourself). I have to say that I get really stuck with some problems, and some I have to give up! Well, at least I get my feet wet! I will be definitely looking to participate more in other contests!

This was definitely a good experience that I recommend to every programmer (beginner or expert) to try it a least for 30 days. I would love to hear and discuss your experience on this matter!


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