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After a while, it’s time to make another blog entry! There are a lot of things going on lately!

In the academic world, I have recently completed my bachelor’s in Computer Science! Yay! It was a big achievement for my career,I learned a bunch and meet amazing new people! It wasn’t easy to work full time and take classes at night, even on Saturdays, but it was very rewarding! I am so excited to finally move on to new challenges!

Now with that degree out of the way, I am much more enthusiastic about having lots of spare time to dedicate even more to game development and personal studies.

In these last 40 days, I dive into a lot of different courses on LinkedIn Learning (an amazing platform, that was merged with ). I recommend it to everyone! You get LinkedIn Learning as part of the LinkedIn Premium (there is a free month trial), right now my wishlist has exactly 100 courses, grouped by themes like Unity, Unreal, Career and soft skills, C#, C++, Arts, and (the best one) Maybe Someday. A great perk is that you can download the videos to watch them offline on your tablet/mobile.

LinkedIn Learning Courses I am even digging into the artistic side of game development

Until now, I have concluded fourteen courses in there, some of the topics covered are Scrum, Time management, Unity, Networking in Games, AR/VR Development, 3D Modeling using Maya, and lots of other ones about career and soft skills.

Quick Duolingo update: I come back to test the new “Crow System”, currently I sit in a 47 days streak with 138 Crows! There was a great content update in the French course (for English speakers) and I am enjoying it. The Duolingo Stories is another great addition, which I’ll leave for another post when I finish all of them!

DuolingoPoints My mother keeps pounding me hard in there!

One more quick achievement: Now I have my own .com domain.
It was about time!

Until next time!

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