Space Hoarder

Space Hoarder

Space is running out, literally…
For a large junkyard ship to escape from a space anomaly, you must get rid of all extra weight that’s no longer useful, and it is a LOT. Be fast enough to compact and incinerate the wreckage that comes at you and avoid getting buried.


GitHub Repo Windows and Web (HTML5) builds

Space Hoarder is our game in Unity/C# for the Ludum Dare 42, a 72h Game Jam occurred in August 2018.

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It was a lot of fun to make this game!

This was my first participation in Game Jams and I enjoy working with other awesome and dedicated developers during this weekend-72h challenge! We didn’t know each other until the start of this Jam, we learn a lot from that experience! It was a very rewarding event!


Grab J or Z
Push X, K, or SPACE

Or play it with your Game Controller!

Ludum Dare?

Ludum Dare is one of the world’s largest and longest running Game Jam events. Every 4 months, we challenge creators to make a game from scratch in a weekend.

Space Hoarder in Ludum Dare #42


Dalton Lima @daltonbr
Florencio @wflorencio
Leandro Dotta @leandro-dotta
Michael Oliveira @michael-oliveira
Ricardo Silva @cavasilva
Victorlb @vicotrlb

Thank you all!