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less than 1 minute read

Time to log some big news!

Vacations and Studies

less than 1 minute read

Today, September 7th was an awesome day, it is was my birthday, also it was the Brazil Independence day, a national holiday and on top of that, I am starting...

Stage Cleared

1 minute read

After a while, it’s time to make another blog entry! There are a lot of things going on lately!

Code Challenge Complete

1 minute read

Today I finished the #30daysofcode challenge from This is a site focused on competitive programming.

30 Days of Code

2 minute read

In my last blog entry, I told more about my awesome experience in Duolingo learning French. (and English too). Since there, I have lost my streak at 143 days...

Learning French Duolingo

2 minute read

Today is a very special day for me! I’ve got an achievement from Duolingo, a streak of 100 days, and reached level 23 on the same day! (Levels are caped in 2...



Infinity scrollable list in Unity3D. Concepts worked here JSON, RESTful webservices, WebRequests, Queries, and Coroutines