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Time to log some big news!


Vacations and Studies

less than 1 minute read

Today, September 7th was an awesome day, it is was my birthday, also it was the Brazil Independence day, a national holiday and on top of that, I am starting...

Stage Cleared

1 minute read

After a while, it’s time to make another blog entry! There are a lot of things going on lately!

Code Challenge Complete

1 minute read

Today I finished the #30daysofcode challenge from This is a site focused on competitive programming.

30 Days of Code

2 minute read

In my last blog entry, I told more about my awesome experience in Duolingo learning French. (and English too). Since there, I have lost my streak at 143 days...


Learning French Duolingo

2 minute read

Today is a very special day for me! I’ve got an achievement from Duolingo, a streak of 100 days, and reached level 23 on the same day! (Levels are caped in 2...